Breaking News: Masks are No Longer Required in School

Students, Staff, and Visitors are no longer required to wear masks on district property.

Kate Kueter, Video Editor

Early Thursday morning, May 19, Governor Kim Reynolds signed into state law, HF 847, which states that, “school districts can no longer require students, staff, or visitors to wear masks while in school or on District property.”  

Without warning, school districts across the state were forced to take quick action in response to this decision. Superintendent Matt Degner sent out an email to all staff and families explaining the new law.

While face coverings are no longer required, we strongly encourage families to have their students wear a face covering, especially if they have not received the COVID-19 vaccination. We also recommend that staff continue to wear face coverings while at work and social distancing is not possible or when staff are in group settings,” Matt Degner, Superintendent ICCSD, said.

Mr. Degner and Principal Bacon have both expressed the importance of respecting students’ choices concerning their health. 

“Bullying and harassment of individuals who choose whether or not to wear a face covering will not be tolerated,” Degner.