Girls Varsity Soccer Keeps Pushing

The girls varsity soccer team has played many games in the past weeks and is looking to keep their record going into their first round of substate next week.


Rachel Marsh, Photo Editor, Reporter

Midway through their season, the City High varsity girls soccer team has its sights set on a winning record. The girls played West High School on April 22 and lost 0-1. Since then, they have played Linn Mar, Western Dubuque, Cedar Falls, Davenport Central, Davenport North, and most recently Prairie.

“We ended up winning [against Davenport North] 3-0, which was also a very exciting game and win. Since we were up by three, we were able to move players to different positions on the field and get a better feel for where people should be. It was fun to see people in different spots and be in a different position myself,” captain Stella Foster ‘21 said.

On Friday, May 7, the girls went against Prairie. Neck and neck during the first half, no one scored. Coming in with a newfound fire, they scored shortly into the second half. Using that steam, they went on to score 4 more goals, ending the game 5:0.

“Prairie has always been a good game for us because both teams come into it with a little different perspective. Who’s going to win the ‘better hawk?’” Claire Brown ‘23 said.

Having had their fair share of issues, the team has struggled with injuries, teamwork, community, and issues related to the pandemic.

“Personally, I have had to take off a lot of time this season due to knee injuries so it has been a little difficult finding people to fill in those positions of our injured players. Thankfully, everyone on our team is qualified and can do a good job so we were able to make it work!” Foster said. “It is definitely a strange year to be a captain because of the fact that I have never played with the freshmen or sophomores due to covid but it has been fun getting to know everyone and watch us grow as a team,”

The team went on to play Liberty and Mt. Vernon. Their first substrate game is against Kennedy on June 2. According to the players, they hope to keep growing and pushing to be the best team they can be.

“Currently, we are really working on how to play better as a team. And by that, I mean finding better passes and working with each other to get up the field more,” Foster said. “Already, I have seen a huge improvement in the way we play together since our first scrimmage and I think it is a big accomplishment considering we have a very young team.”