Student Senate Plans Homecoming with ‘Powerade’ Tailgate before Powderpuff Game

Lulu Roarick, Reporter

Rapidly approaching, Homecoming was the main discussion for the September 10 Student Senate meeting. Facilitating the conversation was Rebecca Michaeli ’22 and Aala Basheir ’22, along with Co-Sponsor Chip Hardesty. 

“There have been a lot of changes homecoming wise, the biggest changes [being] with the parade” Bashier said. 

Currently, Scott Boulevard is closed for construction, so City High is not able to close First Avenue for the annual Homecoming parade due to traffic concerns. Instead, a tailgate will be happening to promote clubs, though it will be closed off to non City High community members due to COVID-19. The tailgate will be held in the upper lot of City High and will be formally known as a “Powerade”.

“We have a great new addition so it will be alright!” Bashier said about the change.

The Homecoming Dance date has not changed. The Student Senate voted to have a mostly indoor Homecoming Dance, with the outdoor plaza also being open. This differs from West High and Liberty’s plan for an all outdoor dance, with a rain contingency plan. 

“Tickets have been printed for the dance, and we are now working on posters” Sophie Wagner ‘22 updated the group. 

Tickets to the homecoming dance will be sold the week of the event, in the cafeteria during all three lunches. Tickets to the dance will cost $7 per person if bought in advance, and $10 if bought on the night of the dance. Any high school student from ICCSD can attend if a permission form is filled out in advance. 

Two meetings for the Student Senate will be held next week in preparation for the dance, one Wednesday September 15 and Friday September 17. The meetings will be held in Opstad Auditorium during the advisory period.