GameDay: City vs Dowling

In the first rematch since the state title game in 2010 the #4 ranked Little Hawk will face the #12 ranked Dowling Maroons at Bates Field


Lauren Koch

Little Hawk football captains led by Ben Kueter take the field for the Battle for Zeus.

Aaron Stalkfleet and Jacob Williamson

Football Gameday#4 City High (3-0)  Vs. #12 Dowling Catholic (1-2)

Sophomore @5

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Link to Stream game: Go to Musco Vision to purchase 1 Day streaming pass

Theme: Black-out




Darren Richardson: Senior, Running Back #9


Ostyn Friday: Senior, O-Line #64


Ronnie Major: Junior, Running Back #21


Ben Keuter: Tight End/Linebacker #32