AP Exams Dates Decided for Registration and Exams

AP exam registration has an upcoming deadline, as students weigh the benefits of registering for the exam.


AP and College Preparation textbooks displayed in the library for student use.

Lulu Roarick, Reporter

With the first trimester coming to an end, discussion on whether students should take their AP exams is rising with the upcoming decision date on November 1. The fee to take the exam is $96 and a $40 late fee is included in addition to the baseline fee if the deadline is not met. 

This is a price increase from previous years, where in 2019 the fee to take the exam was $94. Students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program can get their AP exam fees covered by ICCSD. The forms to apply are in the guidance office on the second floor of City High School. 

Taking an AP exam is not required, with students being encouraged by teachers to weigh the benefits and neutrality of the test. 

“The biggest benefit, I think, is having a three and a half hour subject based exam; so it is going to prepare you for a college type exam” Mary Peterson, guidance counselor and AP coordinator commented. 

The College Board is the program that runs AP exams nationally, and prides itself on helping students find a college fit and apply with AP scores. All students registered in an AP class must have an account with the College Board. A College Board profile is free, but additional services cost more and can be purchased on an individual basis. 

“Our teachers are amazing, and they do a really good job of making [AP Classes] interesting, but you’re not going to be good at every AP course,” Peterson said. 

AP courses at City High start being offered freshman year, with AP U.S History, informally known as APUSH. Starting sophomore year, AP World History is offered, but Junior and Senior year have the most options for AP subjects. 

“Any student who’s interested in a certain subject can do an AP course for sure.” Peterson adds. 

The AP exams are held at the end of the year, close to the summer season. The 2022 exams will be held during the second and third weeks of May, but the specific subject will determine the date of your test. All information on dates is available on the College Board website. For specific questions regarding AP exams, visit your guidance counselor in the guidance office.