LH Film Reviews: Spencer

Pablo Larraín gives the people’s princess a black swan twist.

Araminta Siegling, Culture Editor

The newest film nurturing everyone’s current obsession over Lady Di is finally out. Starring Kristen Stewart as the late princess, this dramatization of Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. Chilean Director Pablo Larraín, known for his 2016 academy award nominated biopic “Jackie”, brings a horror-like twist to the biopic format.


With elements seen in the modern classic “Black Swan”, such as psychosis-inspired scares, this movie really highlights Diana’s mental health struggles, and how she received no support from the royal family. 


With perfect costuming and on-point casting, this movie has virtually no flaws. I particularly appreciate what Larraín did with the color scheme, and how he was able to balance the tragedy of Diana’s life with amazing comedic moments. Powerful shots, like Diana wearing a Chanel Christmas gown, collapsed on a bathroom floor with intricate tiles, show the artistry that went into this film. Costume designer Jacqueline Durran, known for Little Women’s catastrophic costuming, was given the responsibility of capturing Princess Diana’s unique Sloane-Ranger style. Surprisingly, she hit the nail on the head with the film’s opening scene. Kristen Stewart decked head to toe in Chanel. Walking through a muddy field in her spotless black Chanel heels, to take a tattered coat off of an old scarecrow.


“Spencer”’s serious tone, punctuated by well written jokes that highlight the late princess’s personality that made her so beloved. Larraín’s newest film should definitely be on your watch list.