Girl’s Basketball Upset No. 2 Waterloo West

Eviyon Richardson ’22 shoots a three pointer.

Lauren Koch, Sports Editor

Last Friday, the girl’s basketball team made a massive comeback in the span of 8 minutes.  Down by 17 points in the first quarter, the girls outscored Waterloo West by a mere two points to secure the win.

Waterloo West started off strong in the first half, keeping City High behind by 12 points. Junior Kelsey Joens was able to keep the team alive, scoring 16 of their 18 points in the first half.

“The first half [there] was a lot of standing around, and [it was] hard to get anything going, ” Kelsey Joens ’23 said.

However, the Little Hawk’s offense rallied back at the start of the 3rd quarter.

“I feel like in the locker room during halftime we discussed what needed to be done to be able to win the game; we trusted each other and played as a team,” Eviyon Richardson ’22 said.

City High evened out the difference, as both teams scored 10 points in the 3rd quarter. Going into the final quarter, offensive efforts from Andie Westlake, Eviyon Richardson, and Kelsey Joens were able to put their team within one point of Waterloo West.

“We came out with high energy and worked together, we didn’t want to lose after what happened last year,” Joens said.

“We had the motivation to beat them and it really showed,” Joens said.

The team saw their first lead of the game from an and-one jumper by Lauren Koch. Koch made the free throw, putting City High on top of Waterloo West by two points with 2 minutes left. With the Little Hawk’s in bonus, free throws from Andie Westlake and Kelsey Joens increased City High’s lead to four. Sahara Williams of Waterloo West was able to put in a layup, but it wasn’t enough. As time expired, Halli Poock put up a last-second three-pointer, but being double-teamed, Poock wasn’t able to put it in.

City High has now replaced Waterloo West as the second-ranked team in the state. This Friday, the girls hope to take down their cross-town rival, number three ranked Iowa City West.