City Girl’s Basketball Tops Liberty and Conquers the First Half of the Season

The girl’s basketball team is starting the season off right. The team beat Cedar Rapids Jefferson 70-52 as well as made a comeback in the game against #2 ranked Waterloo West winning by 2 points at the buzzer. The girl’s team is undefeated so far with 7 games under their belt.


Tommy Simmons

Georgia Kimm ’22 and Eviyon Richardson ’22 celebrate their win against Liberty in overtime.

Tommy Simmons, Reporter

The 2021-22 girl’s basketball team is coached by Bill Mctaggert and assisted by Lindsey Barnard. The team hopes to make it to state this year and they are willing to make that commitment in training and work together as a team. There is a lot of potential on the basketball team according to Barnard, one of the assistant coaches.

Eviyon Richardson ’22 tries to find an open teammate as a Liberty player tries to guard her. (Tommy Simmons)

“The girls practice really hard, and they’re willing to do a lot of training. I have high hopes and I think we’re ready for it [state] now. It’s just a matter of if they stick together and buy into what we’re asking them to do and continue to work really hard.” Barnard said.

Barnard is the assistant coach for the varsity and junior varsity team. She played basketball in college, coached basketball camps throughout her career, and has since then loved the sport.

Eviyon Richardson ‘22 is committed to the University of Nebraska Omaha and is planning to play basketball there for 4 years. This season Richardson is on the leaderboard for points, rebounds, and assists. She is tied for the most rebounds with Bella Cooley having 54 rebounds.

“I feel like as a team we are all on the same page. The coaches listen to the players for input as well.” Richardson said. 

The girl’s team hopes to make it to state this season and are working hard, hoping for it to pay off. Some of the players have already committed to colleges to play basketball and are excited to work even harder and make their way into a new environment.

Emmy McComas ’25 drives towards the basket to make a free throw in the 4th quarter against Liberty. (Tommy Simmons)

Along with Richardson, Kelsey Joens ‘23 is committed to Iowa State. The other players aren’t sure what their future will look like but are still hopeful and working as hard as ever. Andie Westlake ‘22 is another player to look out for on the court as well as Emmy McComas ‘25 who is the only freshman on the varsity team and has worked hard to get there.

“I’m very thankful to all the girls for taking me under their wings,” McComas said. “I can’t wait to keep working both on and off the court.”

The next home game is going to take place on January 7th versus Cedar Falls at 7:30 pm. The game will be live-streamed and can be found on the City High Athletic’s youtube channel.