Alexander and Bennet Win LH Cutest Couple Contest


Sophie Brenton

Art teachers Dan and Michael pose for a photo with their Little Hawk Journalism t-shirts they recieved for winning the Teacher award for the 2022 Cutest Couple Contest.

The Cutest Couple Contest winners Iya Alexander and Maya Bennett pose for a photo. (Iya Alexander )

At noon the cutest couple winners were released. Winning the overall likes competition were Iya Alexander and Maya Bennet with 463 likes on the Little Hawk Instagram.

The contest started on February 1st and went until noon on February 11th. Voting and submissions took place on the Insta Little Hawk.

Iya and Maya will receive a $50 gift card to Basta. The LH staff have picked Lorena Arroyo and Edward Mendez who will get a $25 gift card to Bluebird. The teacher winners are Dan Peterson and Michael Close and they will get two LH Journalism t-shirts.