Horwitz Leads City With Three Goals to a Dominating Win over Western Dubuque


Anna Gayley

Ben Horwitz led City High with three goals against Western Dubuque.

Hattie Conover, Reporter

The Little Hawk Varsity Men’s Soccer team took on the Western Dubuque Bobcats dominating with an astounding final score of 8-1. Bobcats with a record of 1-5 and the Little Hawks with a record of 4-3 and rebounded off their 3-1 loss to the highly ranked Linn Mar Lions

“We came out better than our game on Tuesday, and learned even more from this game. So going into our tournament on Saturday we can play better and get better as a team,” Andrew Lopez ‘23 said.

In the first half the Little Hawks scored 4 goals, the first and fourth by Ben Horwitz ‘22 and the second and third by Andrew Lopez ‘23. Into the second half the Little Hawks were leading by 4 points, during the second half Horwitz made his third goal of the game and Emmitt Hansen ‘23 assists Aaron Rutherford ‘22 into yet another goal for the Little Hawks. Bringing the score up to 6-0.

A goal by Bryce Coyle ‘24 of Western Dubuque proved to be the first and last goal the team would get during the game.

“We as a team did well from our strikers to our defenders to our keeper. We did concede but we’re looking to fix that in the next games coming up,” Lopez said.

With a significant lead in the first half the team swapped out players for the last quarter of the game. Specifically, a fresh group of faces, the underclassmen of City High Soccer, made up primarily of freshmen. Josh Borger-Germann ‘25 scored the second goal of his first varsity season and the seventh team goal of the game, shortly followed by a goal by Tatum Born ‘25 capping off the game with a tremendous win for the Little Hawks.

“We have learned that we do have the potential to go to state, and win state, we just have to work hard every practice, every game, day in, day out,” Lopez said.

On Saturday April 30th, the Little Hawks play in a tournament against Bettendorf at 10:30am and Pleasant Valley at 2:45pm taking place on the City High turf.