Athlete Spotlight: Adrian Bostain

Get to know varsity tennis player, Adrian Bostain


Sophia Brenton

Adrian Bostain ’23 prepares to hit the ball back over the net.

Sophia Brenton, Reporter

Why did you choose to play tennis?

“My friends Owen and Ari convinced me to play tennis during the pandemic”.


How has playing tennis changed you as a person? What’s been your biggest takeaway from the sport?

Playing tennis has improved my mindset about improving skills. Each technique is very nuanced and I am nowhere close to mastery, but I enjoy feeling forward progression in skill development. It has reinforced the importance of a positive mindset in performance, especially during lackluster days.”


What’s your favorite tennis memory?

“I always enjoy playing doubles with my friends”.


What’s the biggest challenge of playing tennis?

“If I am repeatedly making the same mistake during a match, fixing that can be very challenging.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to join the tennis team?

“In my experience, tennis can be lots of fun very soon after you start playing. Try not to take it too seriously”.


Who’s your biggest tennis inspiration? 

“the girls’ tennis team! Follow queens_ofthe_court, they do a great job bringing humor to tennis.”