Insight with Ani Wedemeyer


Kayden Jensen

Ani Wedemeyer ’25 running the 400 meter dash

Kayden Jensen, Yearbook

Q: What inspired you to start running track?

A: I wanted [to do] something different than gymnastics. I had success in the elementary school track meets and my sister liked it.

Q: Do you play other sports, if so how do they contribute to track?

A: I did gymnastics for many years when I was younger and that definitely gave me a lot of base in strength and being able to deal with mental health.

Q: How do you feel about going to state track as a freshman?

A: It’s really exciting. I’m nervous for it. It’s our last meet and we had a really good season. I’m excited for [track season] to come to a close for the year.

Q: Did you think you would make it this far in your first year?

A: Maybe not my first year, but I was hoping to work really hard and go pretty far.

Q: What did you qualify to run at the state track meet?

A: I’m qualified for the distance medley, I’m running the 800 [in the distance med]. I’m also in the open 400 and open 800 and running in the 4 by 400.

Q: What keeps you motivated when you feel like you want to give up?

A: I know that I’ll feel better when it’s over. It’s like when you’re nauseated and then you throw up and you feel better, you know? Also, I’ve worked really hard and I don’t want it to go to waste.

Q: What advice would you give to future students wanting to try track?

A: Don’t take it for granted. When you care about [the sport], you work really hard. The best feeling is finishing a meet and knowing that you did well. Being there with teammates,  you make friends and enjoy it.