Prequel to Peter Pan to Hit the Stage at City This Fall


Esther Puderbaugh

Opstad Auditorium

Esther Puderbaugh, A&E Editor

As the lights rose in Opstad Auditorium once again, dozens of hopeful students filled the seats to hear about the fall play, Peter and the Starcatcher, a prequel to Peter Pan. The Theater Open House was led by drama department leadership, including returning director Lauren Darby. 

Drama Board member Avery Provorse ‘24 is excited for the upcoming season. 

“I am excited to be an upperclassman this year and sort of have a better idea as to how theater works at this school,” Provorse said. “This year I’m so excited to start doing some group bonding and get to know everyone better!”

The new season is already attracting new people to the program. Molly Savage ‘25 is hoping to participate in the show this fall. 

“I like the sound of theater and always enjoyed it when I was younger,” Savage said. “I am interested in doing whatever I can and I definitely want to be part of [the show] if I can.”

Provorse is excited to share her love of theater with the cast and crew of Peter and the Starcatcher.

“Drama is a special community because the people involved are so special. Everyone brings something to the table and it’s so great to know people better,” Provorse said of the community aspect of the department. “Theater itself is incredible and it brings so many people together!”