Raw Bacon Robotics Revs Back Up


Wisdom Konu

The Raw Bacon Robotics Team meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Room 1507 from 4:10-5:30 pm.

Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

A short Q&A with Raw Bacon Robotic members who plan ahead for a new season. 

The Raw Bacon Robotics Team has started meeting to get ready for a new season with a new team. They meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Room 1507 from 4:10-5:30 pm. The team is composed of teams of coders, builders, and notebook. With a new season ahead of them, here are some thoughts from one member from each team. 

Are you excited for this new season and what would you like to accomplish? 

Corbin Mitchell ’24

“Yes, I’m excited for the season. I want to meet new friends this season and have fun building the bot and interacting with people at the events. With building, I want to accomplish building a functioning bot that does everything you want it to, which will be pretty difficult. A bot that follows the game really well so we score a lot of points in a game,” Mitchell ‘24 said. 

What mindset do you think is needed for this season? 

Mara Maas ‘22

As this is my last year, for me, I’m definitely very hungry to win this year. After last year, I feel much more confident and I feel valuable as a team member with something to contribute. I’m definitely in an exciting place this year. Mindset wise, we need to stay super organized with our process and we need to maintain communication between drivers, builders, coders and notebook and make sure that we’re sticking to our process and not just doing things willy nilly. We need to stay focused and to stay on target. 

How are you planning to continue Robotics’ notebook and go forward into a new season with it? 

Fiona Arnold ’24

Well this year, we’re definitely gonna get a better start because last season, all our people had never done it before, we were all new. We’re planning to go into this ready and already know what we’re doing which means a faster start, which means less work later. Last year, there was no work at the beginning of the school year and then right before the competition, I was working on it for hours outside of school. I’m hoping to even out the working time overall and raise the quality of it to make sure that we win more awards because I have more time to focus on that.

Raw Bacon Robotics head into this season excited, determined, and hungry to win while wanting to have fun, be organized, and focused. The club will continue brainstorming and making game plans to get ready for their upcoming competitions.