Flo Milli: You Still Here, Ho? Review

Alabama rapper Flo Milli officially debuts with her album, You Still Here, Ho? 

Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

Flo Milli, an criminally underrated rapper in this new era of rap has released with her debut album, You Still Here, Ho? This album transports you into a world of early-’00s pop culture and reality TV nostalgia. Her album name references her 2020 mixtape “Ho, Why Is You Here?”. Released July 20th, 2022, this album focuses on early 2000’s “nostalgia” and the pop-rap culture of the 2010s with Tiffany Pollard, US Reality TV Star, formally passing the HBIC [“Head Bitch in Charge”] torch to the “princess of this rap shit” Milli. 

Her pre-album release single, Conceited, is another sharp-tongued track from the artist, showcasing her versatility with her line, “Please don’t bark ‘cause Milli bite back” showing an animated side of the rapper.

With the other tracks on the album, ones that stand out are ‘Hottie’ a modernized take on the crunk’n’B sound with homages to early female rap legends like Lil Kim (“F.N.G.M.,” which samples the chorus from Junior Mafia’s “Get Money”). The quality of music and the album ranges widely, from definite hits to slightly lackluster tracks. Regardless, Flo Milli’s official debut consists of fun, brief tracks that display her adventurous side as an upcoming princess of rap.