LH Movie Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once

A look back at one of 2022’s most promising multiversal movies.


Image via A24

Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

Everything Everywhere All at Once. Truly a statement of an already existing statement in this reality which we exist in. The multiverse, a topic discussed and theorized by many, has been brought to our screen with Everything Everywhere All at Once. Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert bringing us a messy, emotional, mind boggling adventure through the multiverse. 

The movie follows Evelyn Wang, played by the great Michelle Yeoh, a weary laundromat owner that lives and runs a laundry business with her husband, Waymond Wang (Played by Ke Huy Quan). Her life is one of stress and frustration. She continues to spiral with her marriage failing and not knowing how to deal with Joy’s, played by Stephanie Hsu, queerness and teenage angst. Things start to get serious after her meeting in a tax office with I.R.S. bureaucrat Deidre played by Jamie Lee Curtis in regards to her laundromat business. 

The scene shifts into an action packed sequence with Waymond suddenly turning into a combat-ready reality jumper of another universe. The tax office then turns into martial-arts mayhem. He then hastily explains to Evelyn that the stability of the multiverse is threatened by a power-mad fiend named Jobu Tupaki, and that Evelyn must train herself to jump between multiple universes to save the multiverse. Evelyn has to fight Jobu Tupaki in the end and defeat this mysterious villain with the fate of the entire multiverse in her hands. 

The movie is a messy, weird trip that’ll leave you contemplating about the truth of the life that you live. Evelyn goes through a complex elaborate adventure that has her questioning everything she thought she knew about her life, her failures, and her family. The emotional and philosophical bit will have you in tears when you understand the final message of the movie. Evelyn and Waymond’s relationship ebbs and flows in multiple moments through the multiverses and shows the true nature of their marriage and relationship. With Joy, Evelyn and Joy represent a complex relationship between a mother who has sacrificed everything for her daughter to have a better life and a daughter that sees the world as dull and gray in regards to the life she is living. Joy’s queerness, foreign to her mother, divides their relationship paired with her aimlessness in life. 

Everywhere Everything All at Once is an emotion-filled, insane, freaky, beautifully shot, profoundly brilliant movie. Each actor shows their versatility and fluidity with each moment. Evelyn’s journey through the multiverse is a tale of love and compassion that reinforces that if we choose compassion and understanding over judgment and rejection, we can overcome the bad in life and although life may only ever make sense in fleeting moments, it’s those moments we should cherish.