Student Senate Plans Their Year

Student body presidents Mary Cate Pugh and Ari Collins have big plans for Student Senate.


Sadie Bodzin

Student Senate meets every Tuesday morning at 8:15 in room 3311 and every Friday advisory in The Little Theater

Sadie Bodzin, Editor

Student Senate is getting busy with Homecoming approaching rapidly, but planning school dances isn’t the only thing on their plate this school year. The presidents of the Student Senate and student body co-presidents Ari Collins ‘23 and Mary Cate Pugh ‘23 are brimming with ideas about how to make Student Senate better than ever before.

Although the school year just recently began, Collins and Pugh have already started to implement new systems to try and reach a wider variety of students.

“This year, Ari and I decided that we wanted to implement a referendum system,” Pugh said. “Instead of Student Senate deciding on decisions that affect the whole school, we are going to narrow [it] down to a couple of options and then send out a Google form. So whoever it concerns around the school has a say on it.”

But, it doesn’t stop there. Collins and Pugh are doing their best to communicate even with people outside of City High.

“We’re also already reaching out/working with the Student Senate/governments of West [High] and Liberty [High].” Collins said.

As to why they’re reaching out to other schools, Collins and Pugh explained that they want to confront not only school-wide issues but also district-wide issues.

“We figured that by working with students in these leadership roles throughout the district, we can tackle the bigger, bigger problems,” Pugh added. “Like stocking menstrual products and then maybe planning district wide events like last year, we did the Earth Day event.”

But, Collins and Pugh aren’t the only people in leadership roles for Student Senate. The treasurer and secretary also have a big role in the functioning of Student Senate.

“The secretary is Ava Cross ‘23. This year she’s doing attendance, keeping track of what we go over in meetings, giving Mr. Bacon announcements to make, and running the social media account,” Collins explained. “The treasurer, which is Mourwan Ali ‘23, keeps track of the different funding accounts. So that way, we’re always sure how much money we have.”

Although Student Senate is historically a rather small group, Collins and Pugh are trying to reach as many students as possible. 

“We’re really trying to reach a group of students that is representative of our student body as a whole,” Pugh said. “So that means getting more underclassmen [and] getting more diverse groups to share their thoughts in the Senate.”

All in all, Collins and Pugh are dedicated to making sure that everyone at City High feels like they have a voice.

“I think it’s really important that people feel like their ideas are heard, and Student Senate is a great way to get out there,” Pugh said. “Share what you think is important, advocate for what you’re passionate for, and also work together.”