Video Game Club Brings ‘More Games More Fun!’


Ahmed Basheir

Video Game Club members gather around as they play Mario.

Josh Borger Germann and Ahmed Basheir

Every Wednesday students pile into room 1101 to participate in the weekly Video Game Club hosted by Mr. Coleman. Where the motto is, more games more fun!

Kaden Huntley ‘25 says he went to video game club because his friends were going and knew he would regret it if he didn’t go. 

“I would definitely recommend at least coming over here once if you don’t like the vibe it’s ok but I think It’s really fun” 

In the club, students play a series of different games together across multiple gaming platforms and play a variety of different games from card games like charades to video games like Mario, Sonic, Halo and even more. Advisor and creator of the club Mr. Coleman explains his vision when founding the club. 

‘’My goal for video game club is to find space for everybody to do something that they want to do. There was kind of a need for this several years ago where we said let’s just have a club where kids can play video games after school” 

Video Game Club meets from 4:00-5:15 PM every week in room 1101.