LH Album Review: Blackpink: Born Pink

Worldwide famous K-Pop girl group, Blackpink, has returned back to the scene with their second studio album, Born Pink.


Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

Blackpink, arguably the world’s biggest girl group, have come back after a nearly 2 year long hiatus with their second studio album, Born Pink. This album consists of 8 new tracks like their previous full studio album “The Album”, which was released in 2020.  Blackpink’s concept is represented by their group name; the “black” side represents their more mature, “girl crush” image, while the “pink” side represents their more cute and colorful image. 

Blackpink has continued to show the girl crush side of them. Girl crush being a concept meant to be empowering, showing a mature and badass side. With this album, Blackpink attempts to convey both concepts with the tracks on this album. Their pre-release single “Pink Venom ” follows the pattern of their girl crush releases but switches it up when it comes to composition. The song contains lyrical references to the Notorious B.I.G. (“Kick in the door, waving that Coco”) and Rihanna (“One by one, then two by two”) along with an anti-drop chorus, something not expected from a typical Blackpink title track. 

With the track, “Shut Down,” the members of Blackpink boast about being world-wide known popstars to their antis over a trap beat with a crazy hook of classical violin (The hook coming from “La Campanella,” by the Italian classical composer Niccolo Paganini!). “Yeah Yeah Yeah” co-written by members, Jisoo and Rosé, shows us a “pink” side of the quartet for the first time on this album with an 80’s filled synth-filled track conveying a giddy love song. 

Born Pink, an experimental mixture of both their “black” and “pink” concepts glitters with all the elements that make Blackpink, Blackpink. With their fierce attitudes and immense charm, Blackpink continues to show the reasons why they’re considered the biggest girl group in the world. As a group with major potential, they have yet to break down the walls set up by themselves to show off more colorful sides.