LH Album Review: Coping Mechanism

Willow has released her fifth studio album, Coping Mechanism.


Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

Last year, Willow released her fourth studio album, “Lately I Feel Everything,” moving from an alternative indie sound to channeling her inner pop-punk princess. With her fifth studio album, “Coping Mechanism,” she has fully transformed into a true rockstar through these eleven tracks.

The album’s release was preceded by singles like “Maybe It’s My Fault” and “Curious/Furious.” “Maybe It’s My Fault” is an emotional roller coaster of a love song, chronicling the rise and fall of a relationship. “Coping Mechanism” is an album of black feminine rage. She uses her powerful voice to convey the emotions she felt throughout the album. The album is a very emotional one, diving into Willow’s innermost thoughts, giving us a very authentic and personal album. 

In comparison with her previous album, she has toughened up her sound and has fully plummeted into the rock genre. Willow has shown her versatility once again with this rage-filled album, showing us a more matured and evolved Willow.