Marching Band gets ready for Concert Band season

A look at what the Marching Band is doing for Concert Band season.


Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

City High’s Marching Band has had a successful marching band season, truly being the heartbeat of the school. After marching band season has come to an end, City High band students prepare for their concert band season.  

Our first concert of the concert band season is on December 14,” Kowbel said. 

The first concert band concert is on December 14th. The Wind Ensemble is preparing to record for qualification for the Iowa Bandmasters Association Conference and will record on the night to try and qualify for that conference as well. 

All three of our concert bands are working on music for the concert,” Kowbel said. 

Concert band is made up of 3 bands. There’s the top group called Wind Ensemble, an audition-only band made up of 9th through 12th graders. Mr. Ottmar directs the Symphony Band, a non-audition-only band which is 10th through 12th graders. Mr. Kowel conducts the 9th grade freshman Concert Band. 

They’re a team that have to work together in order to succeed in what they do and I think all three of our bands are really good this year. Freshmen are a fun, energetic good group. Symphony Band is going to be able to play tougher music, and that’s exciting. The wind ensemble is on another level from what they’ve been for the past few years. I think that people are going to enjoy it and be impressed by the product that we have.” commented Kowbel.