The Red and White Yearbook Pushes for more Senior Quotes


Austin Chantry

Natalie Kuhlmann ’23 types out her senior quote on the Google Form.

Austin Chantry, Reporter

After a lack of senior quotes in the yearbook last year, the yearbook team is pushing for more seniors to submit senior quotes to the Google Form by Wednesday, February 1st.

“The yearbook looks so much nicer when senior quotes are added to the yearbook, just make sure it’s not too long and it’s nothing inappropriate,” Mr. Rogers, journalism advisor, said.

Senior quotes are due by February 1st to be included in the yearbook. (Natalie Kuhlmann)

Quotes should be less than 50 words and should be PG-13, with no expletives, and also if the yearbook staff can’t decipher the meaning then they will also not be allowed in the book.

“We have had some instances of poorly chosen or mean quotes in the past so we have to error on the side of safety when it comes to the quotes,” Rogers said.