Raw Bacon Robotics Powers Down

Raw Bacon Robotics reboots for the next season.


Photo by Christine Mons

Wisdom Konu, Culture Editor

City High’s FTC robotics team, Raw Bacon Robotics Band, has finished with their robotics season. The club went on to the FTC League Tournament on January 14th, where 31 teams competed, but did not advance. The club, led by Christene Mons and Mr. Crawford, was hungry and determined to win at the beginning of the season and as they may have not gone as far as they hoped, they are already planning for the next season. 

Senior Marcus Miller, who has been in Robotics since freshman year, has watched new members grow and is an advocate for how great of an opportunity Robotics is and shares with us his thoughts on his last season.  

We had a lot of new participants this year and the most important thing was to get them up to speed and pass along knowledge as we have a lot of seniors leaving as well. I think we did a good job with passing our skills and knowledge to them. Even if we didn’t perform as well in actual competitions, as we did last year, we still performed well and there was the added benefit of helping that next generation of robotics students,” Miller said. Marcus is hoping to go into the engineering field, specifically aerospace engineering. 

The team was the first robot to be selected in the Alliance Selection process and were runner-up for the design award, being recognized for their design work for their robot and understanding of game strategy.

“I’m disappointed we didn’t advance, but overall, I continue to see growth in this team. I continue to look back at our team five or six years ago when I came and then look at where we are now. We are so much better as a team and are more cohesive and focused,” Mons said.