Mamma Mia Cast List Announced


Esther Puderbaugh

Students have already begun preparing for this spring’s musical

The cast list for City’s production of the Broadway musical version of Mamma Mia was recently released. The cast has since begun rehearsals and preparations for the show. The main character, Donna, will be played by Avery Provorse ‘24. 

Provorse was thrilled to find out she would be playing the role of Donna. 

“I was really excited,” Provorse said. “I felt really good and excited. And also genuinely surprised. There were a lot of really good people that went out for [Mamma Mia] so that’s a big deal.”

After auditioning initially, there were only sixteen students who got callbacks – a chance to be considered for a lead role.

“We went in and ran through a bunch of scenes,” said Mary Cate Pugh ‘23 who will be playing the lead role of Rosie. “It was actually really fun. I really enjoyed doing that and getting used to trying out different characters and all that.”

Provorse is looking forward to the group dynamics of the show. 

“I am most excited for the group bonding. I think that this year we’re going to focus a lot on that and [getting] to know each other a lot more than just seeing each other in rehearsal,” Provorse said. “[Also,] I’m really excited to understand how this process works a little more. I think having Donna as a part is going to help me with that understanding a lot.”

Pugh is also looking forward to going through the process of putting on a musical. 

“I’m just excited to be immersed in the drama experience [and] to learn how to convey emotion better to act better,” Pugh said. “I think I’m most excited for the Donna and the Dynamos [scenes] and doing those songs together with Avery and Mara (Maas).” 

These dedicated actors and singers will be performing Mamma Mia in Opstad Auditorium April 21-23.