Black History Month Door Decor

City High teachers decorate their doors for Black History Month.


Greta Hayek and Wisdom Konu

This month, City High decided to host a Black History Month Door Decoration competition. Teachers across the school have decorated their doors to showcase Black excellence across all subjects. 

Monsieur Balcaen’s AP French class has decorated their door with important Black figures who have contributed to Francophone culture. Mr. Scott and Mrs. Peters were the first to decorate their area for the competition, highlighting black figures in literature. 

“I would say Black History Month means a lot of different things. First off, it’s a chance to live fully, authentically black,” Scott said. “It also provides a chance to share the history of black culture so that we aren’t looked at as some sort of dangerous group of people, but more of a highly educated, talented group of people.”

Mr. Scott teaches African American Literature and preaches about Black history and culture everyday with his classes. 

“I never want to teach something that isn’t a part of Black history or literature because I always try to strongly implement it. I would say it is huge for the chance of identity, especially living in a school district like ours, where the majority is white. And they don’t get to see themselves in other people as often. It’s a chance for them to be able to see someone that looks like them doing great things,” Scott said.

Although it is incredibly beneficial to students and teachers that our school district celebrates Black History Month, it is not nearly enough to fully appreciate the Black community.

“I want people to understand that recognition of Black History should happen all year round, instead of just one single month,” Scott said.