City’s 2023 Prom Theme: Midnight Rose Garden

A couple ways of how you can nail the rosy theme for this year’s prom.


Esther Puderbaugh

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Wisdom Konu, Executive Editor and Culture Co-Editor

Prom is slowly, but surely, blooming as the theme this year is rather rosy. The 2023 Prom theme at City High is Midnight Rose Garden. Here are some ideas on how you can nail the theme.

Roses come in all shades. Pure white, yellow, pink, orange, red, lavender, plum purple, burgundy, and even green are all amiable options for an on-theme outfit. Although most colors technically fit for this theme, when thinking of roses, the more suitable shades of red and pink come to mind. Shades of dark and light greens would also fit best with the garden aspect of the theme. 

For the Midnight Rose Garden theme, the naturecore or Cottagecore aesthetic also seems satisfactory. Both aesthetics revolve around nature with the aesthetics centered on living in harmony with nature. Cottagecore has a naturalistic color palette with light green foliage, browns of natural stones and wood, straw, and flowers. Pastels are also common. Although cottagecore has been a controversial aesthetic because of its romanticism of Eurocentric farming life, it being an outlet for fantasy has been argued in opposition; where enjoyers of the aesthetic wish to incorporate it into their non-rural lives. 

Fairycore, similar to Cottagecore, is another aesthetic that would coordinate nicely with the Midnight Rose Garden theme. Being another nature aesthetic, Fairycore is a fantasy-themed concept that centers predominantly around fairy and elf mythology. Color palettes of Fairycore are soft pastels and, overall, the aesthetic focuses on the beauty of nature: flowers, fairies, dresses, and femininity. In addition, classic gold and silver jewelry pairs well with any outfit for this theme. 

Be the prettiest flower of the night, and come to prom with your best Midnight Rose Garden look!