Planning Begins for Culture Day


Sadie Bodzin

Wisdom Konu ’24 leads a rehearsal for the Culture Day fashion show and boards presentations.

Sadie Bodzin, Culture Co-Editor

For months, the International Club and Latino Hawks have planned a day to showcase City High students’ culture through fashion, food, and sharing information about their culture. After almost a year of brainstorming, Culture Day will finally be held at City High on Friday, May 12.

Jeanica Mbuyi ‘25, Wisdom Konu ‘24, Helena Echa ‘24, Rosangel Flores-Rubio ‘24, and Miamen Elawad ‘25 are the student leaders behind the event, and are planning on holding a fashion show, a board decoration showcase, and having students show up to school dressed in their personal cultural traditional clothing. The fashion show will be held in Opstad Auditorium during advisory and the board decorations will be just outside in the Opstad lobby. 

“I’m incredibly excited about culture day,” Mr. Bacon said. “I think it’s important because we have so many different awesome cultures.”

Through culture day, students and staff alike are hoping to inform others about the different cultures and backgrounds of City High students.

“It’s an opportunity to learn a lot and kind of broaden our worldview and bring us together,” Mr. Bacon said.

Many students expressed interest in the event, Yomi Hemley ‘25, has experienced a Culture Day before and is excited City High is having one of their own.

“I used to live in Singapore, and everyone was incredibly diverse. My school had Culture Day and everyone participated and it made everyone feel included,” Hemley said.

Students who are interested in participating in the Culture Day can get involved in the fashion show or board presentation as well as showing up to school in their personal cultural clothing.

“Students need to understand that there is never a right or wrong way–it is okay to be different,” Mrs. McTaggart, the advisor of both clubs, said. “We can learn and grow together.”