‘Begets’ Cast Mini Profiles

Meet members of the cast of the fall play, ‘Begets: The Fall of a High School Ronin’
‘Begets’ Cast Mini Profiles
Emi Edwards - Yomi
Emi Edwards – Yomi

Yomi, a junior, is playing a character named Emi Edwards, the main protagonist of the play. Yomi has been involved with the drama department’s productions ever since Freshman year and is looking forward to the upcoming play!

Patrick - Leo Partridge
Patrick – Leo Partridge

Leo plays a character named Patrick, the nerd and loser of the school. His favorite part about being in the play is the community. Leo initially heard about City High theater through his friends, and he is looking forward to performing in the play this year! 

Trey – Brendan Lestina

Brendan, a junior, plays Trey in Begets. He auditioned because he was interested in the style and the fighting scenes. His favorite part of the drama department is the atmosphere and everyone involved. Outside of theater, Brendan plays tennis and likes to fish, hunt, and camp.

Jillie Lee - Theodore Boerner
Jillie Lee – Theodore Boerner

Theo plays a character named Jillie Lee, a closed off second year senior at the high school. Their favorite part about being involved with the play is the atmosphere and community. “We are all working together to make something fun and interesting!”

Laura - Abril Bejarano Hamity
Laura – Abril Bejarano Hamity

Abril,  a junior, is playing Laura. In Begets, her character is one of the first people who gets saved by the hero–Emi’s heroic awakening, so to speak. Abril has been acting since she was six years old, and she takes every chance she gets to be involved in theater. This year, she’s been enjoying stage fighting, which she’s never really done before.

Mary Armstrong - Eleanor Decker
Mary Armstrong – Eleanor Decker

Eleanor plays Mary Armstrong, a girl who is tired of living by others’ expectations of her, and one of the main love interests in the show. She loves getting to talk with new people who have common interests in theater. Eleanor tried out for her first show freshman year, and has been involved with City High theater ever since.

Andrea Armstrong/Bully 1 - Molly Savage
Andrea Armstrong/Bully 1 – Molly Savage

Molly plays Andrea, a bully and sister of the main love interest. Molly has never really been involved in theater so she thought she would try it out this year. Separating herself from her character has been the most difficult part for her, but she is very excited for the upcoming show. 

DJ MC/Bully 2 - Brody Clarke
DJ MC/Bully 2 – Brody Clarke

Brody plays DJ MC, a bully and self-proclaimed ‘boy toy.’ Brody never thought he’d be involved with theater, but when his friends tried out, he thought he’d give it a shot, pointing out similarities between mock trial and acting. 

Walter – Aslan Petkov

Aslan plays Walter, a character who’s trying to catfish Patrick. He got involved in theater last year, when he was a part of the cast of Peter and the Starcatcher. Ash’s favorite part of theater is being part of the community.

Rocker Girl - Poi Borchardt
Rocker Girl – Poi Borchardt

Poi is a sophomore playing Rocker Girl, who she describes as struggling with anxiety and drugs but at the same time is comedic relief. Along with Begets, Poi is involved in show choir, band, and jazz band.This is her first time being involved with theater.

Thatcher - Esme Hutchinson-Reuss
Thatcher – Esme Hutchinson-Reuss

Esme’s first foray into theater was last year’s fall play, Peter and The Starcatcher, but even before then, she’d write short skits with her friends and family. This year, she’s playing Thatcher, the leader of the art clique. Her character is fitting because Esme herself is very involved in the arts, spending most of her time in the art wing.

Sarah – Jillian Conlon

Jillian Conlon plays Sarah, the head of the Conservative Coalition. Her character is very concerned about the environment, and against the principal, who she’s convinced is bringing in too many big-city ideas. Jillian’s been doing theater since middle school, so she thought she’d try it in high school. Though she auditioned for the play and musical last year, as a freshman, this is her first City High show.

Crystal Tillman – Razan Hassan

Razan plays a character named Crystal, a band kid. Razan’s favorite part of the play is being able to hang out with so many new people, and she really enjoys the performance. Razan has wanted to be involved with theater since middle school, and has participated in past City High productions. 

Sheldon - Kenji Radley
Sheldon – Kenji Radley

Kenji plays a character named Sheldon, a goth bully.  Kenji got involved with the City High drama department last year, through Speech Club. He has been auditioning for the plays since freshman year, but this is his first year playing a role in one of the school plays. He is excited to see what people think of the play!

Dustin – Grey Linley

Grey Linley plays a character named Dustin, a goth Henchman and a very complex character. Their favorite part about the play is getting to spend time with people who share similar interests. Grey has been involved with Young Footlighters for years, and is looking forward to the upcoming show!

Principal Parker/Dad - Joe Fullenkamp
Principal Parker/Dad – Joe Fullenkamp

Joe is playing Principal Parker, who he says reminds him of our very own principal at City High, Mr. Bacon. He is a senior this year and joined theater his sophomore year because he had many friends on the crew. Along with Begets, Joe is involved in Concert Choir, show choir, and Student Senate. 

VP Francone/Mom – Norah Mettemeyer

This is Norah’s senior year, and her second as part of the fall play cast. She plays VP Francone and Mom, and she really enjoys all the people and community involved in drama. Outside of the Begets, Norah does show choir, speech, SMAC, choir, and she is on the Drama Board.

K-Dawg - Oscar Cabeza
K-Dawg – Oscar Cabeza

Oscar, a senior, plays K-Dawg, a famous musician. Last year, Oscar took an acting workshop at the University of Iowa, and was prompted to try out for the play by Darby. Along with acting, he is on the soccer team.

Counselor Theresa - Rowyn Maas
Counselor Theresa – Rowyn Maas

Rowyn plays Counselor Theresa, a judgy former mean girl who happens to be a sub-par counselor. Rowyn’s favorite part of being involved with the show is the performance, and meeting new people. Rowyn has always loved theater, and tries to audition for as many things as she can. 

Student – Zion Araquistain

Zion is a junior playing one of the students in Begets. He’s been doing theater since last year, which was his first year at City. Zion’s favorite part of City High Drama has been meeting new people and trying new things. Along with acting, he does ballet and contemporary dance.

Student - Ben Haines
Student – Ben Haines

Ben Haines is playing a  freshman, which is rather fitting since he is a freshman. He describes his role as the lowest of low, a character who just wants to be part of something. When Ben Haines was six, he watched Rushmore, which inspired him to act himself.

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