The Big Dance Results

Another weekend, another competition.


Valerie Soemadi

4th Ave Co. competes at The Big Dance

4th Ave Jazz Co. and City Lights competed at their 3rd show choir competition this weekend in Davenport, IA at North High School. Here is The Big Dance recap.

Given the storm over this past weekend, finals was canceled. The scores were determined by daytime results. 4th Ave Jazz Co. came in 5th place, overtaking 3 other varsity show choirs. 4th Ave Jazz Co. was also awarded the caption award for best crew. City Lights creamed the competition came in 3rd out of 9 groups including prep and 2A schools.


Stay tuned to hear about the upcoming competition in Mt. Pleasant.

The day round varsity 4A results (the following groups would have made finals):


1st- Ambassadors (Prairie High School)
2nd- Central Singer, Incorporated (Central High School)
3rd- West Side Delegation (Jefferson High School)
4th- South High Street Singers (Ft. Atkinson High School)
5th- 4th Ave Jazz Co. (Iowa City High School)