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Energy Usage at City High

Recently, a pair from Americorps did an energy audit on City High's energy usage. City High is using energy in many different ways and finding ways to reduce.

Shoshie Hemley, News Editor

May 17, 2020

Recently, a pair from the Americorps visited City High in order to review their emissions and do an energy audit, which the school has not yet received. According to the ICCSD’s Climate Action plan of 2019, the ICCSD’s greenhouse gas emissions are split up by buildings and facilities, solid waste, the bus fleet, gasoline vehicles, and water usage. All these sec...

BREAKING NEWS: ICCSD Suspends Spring Break Trips Abroad in Response to COVID-19 Worries

BREAKING NEWS: ICCSD Suspends Spring Break Trips Abroad in Response to COVID-19 Worries

Jack Carrell and Shoshie Hemley

March 6, 2020

Following recent developments with the COVID-19 virus (also known as the Coronavirus), all school-funded international trips have been postponed.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, "most people who contract the virus will have mild symptoms and can recover on their own at home. But people over ...

Student Senate Recap: Discussion About Electing Class Representatives

Want to learn more about student senate? Check back weekly for the student senate recap.

Shoshie Hemley, Opinion Editor

March 5, 2020

Student senate this week revolved around discussing the future of how student senate will be represented. At the beginning of the school year, when the senate made the decision to make homecoming categories gender-neutral, conflict and discussion started surrounding the idea of who gets a say in stude...

Student Senate Recap: Parking Discussion and Prom Theme Decided

Want to learn more about student senate? Check back weekly for the student senate recap.

Shoshie Hemley, Opinion Editor

February 28, 2020

This week’s student senate meeting started off with a simple discussion about powderbuff and a parking lot clean up. After short reports from each committee, the senate discussed reforms for the representation of the senate. Since the conflict from last fall’s homecoming decision to abolish gender cate...

Midwinter Band Concert Update

Inforgraphic created by Victoria Weckmann.

Victoria Weckmann, Advertisement Editor

February 25, 2020

On Tuesday, February 25, the band program through City High School will be hosting their annual Midwinter Band Concert at 7:30 in Opstad Auditorium, where all bands will be showcasing what they have been working on this year. “I’m very excited for this upcoming performance. I think that wind ensemble...

City High Students React to Impeachment Proceedings

Infographic by Victoria Weckmann

Victoria Weckmann, Marketing Editor

February 14, 2020

President Donald Trump was impeached on Wednesday, December 18, by the House of Representatives. According to The Hill, more than half of Americans feel that President Trump did something wrong concerning the impeachment, with the number sitting around 53 percent. “I have mixed feelings about Trump ...

BREAKING NEWS: Student Senate Cancels Valentine’s Day Dance

Student senate has cancelled the Valentine's Day Dance

Shoshie Hemley, Opinion Editor

February 12, 2020

So far, only thirteen tickets have been sold for the Valentine’s Day Dance. This number, paired with the fact there is currently only a student DJ, no coat check, and no chaperones, has caused the student senate to consider cancelling the dance.  “There are too many variables,” Mr. Tygrett, one of the teac...

Athletes Prepare for Sports in Off-Season Lifting

Art by Rachel Marsh

Rachel Marsh, Reporter

February 3, 2020

It’s seven o’clock on a Tuesday morning. Athletes walk into the Larry Brown Fitness Center in City High, hearing dumbbells clang and weights clatter. They grab an iPad from the office and take it to a station, start to set up, preparing to work out. It’s the first day in the weekly set, and the ...

End of Season Awards for the Boys Cross Country Team

The Boys Cross Country team freshman pose with their certificates of completing a year of cross country.

Rachel Marsh, Reporter

December 6, 2019

On November 10, the boys cross-country team celebrated their season with their annual award ceremony. Many of the athletes went home with awards that night (see below). The boy’s coaches gave out awards, many of which are named after alumni or people who were influential to the program. “Some awar...

Wellness Wednesday

An infographic gives information about stress in students.

Victoria Weckmann, Adertisement Editor

November 18, 2019

As concerns about the mental health of students has risen, new ways to cope with the stress of school are being integrated into the classroom. Teachers at City High have begun to search for solutions to this problem. Michael Ayers, the AP Seminar teacher at City High School, had something to say abo...

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