City Boys Tennis Goes Against Prairie High School

Araminta Siegling, Culture editor

Sam Motto lunged into the air, serving the ball. Motto knew that whoever won this point would win the game. With a long night of doubles ahead, the pressure to win was increasing. On May 4th City High’s Boys Tennis Team went against Prairie High School at the University of Iowa’s Hawkeye Tennis & Recreational Complex. The final score was 7-2, with Prairie High School winning. City High’s winning players were Sam Motto in singles, followed by Malachi Nye and Owen Vanderlinden in doubles. 

Mal Nye hits a backhand volley. (Araminta Siegling)

The match officially started at 4 PM, but teams started practicing half an hour beforehand. Boys tennis coach Chip Hardesty also gave certificates to senior players prior to competing. 

“If I’m being honest, I didn’t play as well as I should have. I played well enough to win.” Motto said on his performance after singles.

Motto ended singles with a record of 6-2, 6-4 and is leading the team in singles this year at number 4.

“All of our players are getting better with each match, which is all I can ask for.” Coach Hardesty said on the team’s progress.

Closing out the regular season, City High has a record of 2-12, and went against Xavier High shortly after this game with Prairie. On May 12th the district championship will be at West High.