Large Group Speech Moves on to All-State

Sophia Schlesinger and Jared Kilberger led the way by being selected to perform at the All-State competition at Iowa State.


Cora Bern-Klug

The large group speech members who are moving on to All-state.

Jonas Geerdes, A & E Editor

Large Group Speech competed for the honor of going to All-State and received three division one rankings, which qualifies them to perform at the All-State.

Jared Kilberger and Sophia Schlesinger were selected to perform as an improv group.

Non-performing All-State selections include:

The Crucible (Readers’ Theatre)—Rebekah Tate, Jim Geerdes, Jordan Lehigh, Tristan Roeder, Abby Patterson, Yara Moustafa, Olivia Zahner, Jilly Cooke, Sasha Chapnick-Sorokin, Ellen Fields, and Estie Dillard

The Scary Question (Ensemble Acting)—Jared Kilberger and Genevieve Wisdom

The All-State competition will be held on February 20th at Iowa State University.