Unique Fall Theater Season At City High

Victor Fesenmeyer, Reporter

City High has decided to run two separate productions this year. Steel Magnolias, to be directed by Mrs. Peters, a new addition to City, and The Odd Couple, to be directed by Mr. Peters are the two heavy hitters coming to City High this fall.

“There is too much talent at City High for just one play!” Peters said.

Steel Magnolias was originally supposed to be the sole fall production this year, but it was decided that in order to give everyone a chance at getting a role, there needed to be two shows.

The concept of having two full shows in one semester is new to City High. The Odd Couple is set in the 1960’s in New York City, and has nine characters, primarily male. In contrast, Steel Magnolias is set in the 1980’s in the deep South, and has six characters, the majority being female roles. Besides the acting, the various backstage crews will certainly have a great time creating the set for post-deforce Felix and Oscar’s NYC apartment as well as the women’s hair salon as the primary settings for both plays. The hope is to run a workshop for the makeup crew on character makeup for the middleaged roles. Each production will have its own head stage manager and a set of two assistant stage managers.

Both plays will be showing on the same weekend, with The Odd Couple showing on Friday in the evening and Saturday in the afternoon, and Steel Magnolias in the evening and on Sunday afternoon. The theater directors have high expectations for both productions, and the hope is to fill Opstadt for every show.

“The fall play experience is going to be phenomenal!” Peters said, “We had an amazing turnout at the information meeting,”