Speech Team Sweeps Districts

Sophia Schlesinger, Video Reporter

This past Saturday, January 23rd, City High’s Large Group Speech team competed at district contests at Wapello High School, completing the first level of the statewide competition hosted by the Iowa High School Speech Association. All City High groups across a number of categories received a division one rating, meaning all will progress to the state contest taking place on Saturday, February 6th at Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School.

“It went very well, I was very proud of our group,” said Nysio Poulakos ‘17, “all of City High seems to be doing very well. Speech is very broad, and there’s something for everybody to do. It’s nice to watch people excel in what their heart desires. Watching them in what they do best is pretty great.”

To advance on to the all-state competition at the Iowa State campus in Ames, each group will have to receive a division one rating from each of three judges, as well as a judge’s recommendation. This competition will be held on February 20th, and is the final competition for all competing teams. City High has been a regular participant at the all-state festival in the past, and this year’s team is hopeful to continue a streak.

“I think that each group at City High has potential to compete at all-state,” said Poulakos, “and I think it would be a dream come true to compete at the top level.”

Whether they are able to move on or not, the team is in high spirits about the season.

“I don’t quite know if we’ll get to all-state, but whatever happens happens,” said Chris Winegarden ‘16, “we’re going to try our best and we’re going to have fun and no matter what score we get, I’m going to be happy with it.”

Large Group Speech will put on their annual home show this Friday, January 29th in Opstad Auditorium. The show is free with a suggested donation of $5 for adults and $3 for students.



Musical Theatre – Hamilton Bubba Perez, Elisa Swanson, Jessie Shaw, Lewis Howard, Sophia Schlesinger, and Yara Moustafa.

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Musical Theatre – Little Shop of Horrors Caroline Brown, Dylan Davenport, Genevieve Wisdom, Jilly Cooke, Jordan LaFauce, and Sarah Martinez

Group Improv – Ellis Fontana, Sophia Schlesinger, and Nysio Poulakos

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Ensemble Acting – Jacked  AJ Boulund, Cassidy Slater-Scott, Chris Winegarden, Lizzie Carrell, Rasmus Schlutter, and Sarah Burns

Radio Broadcast – SKUL Aminata Diallo, Nari Jones, Thomas Ouverson, Gracie Van Daele, Alia Puaina, Logan Vornbrock-Conaway, and Tonya Rickette

Group Improv – AJ Boulund, Chris Winegarden, and Deckard Finley

Choral Reading – Distant Rain Ayla Canin, Cassidy Slater-Scott, Claire Woodward, Cole Nicholson, Elisa Swanson, Emma Hartwig, Grace Hartwig, Gabi Mumm, Hannah Murray, Grace Kollman, Sarah Burns, Lizzie Carrell, Savannah Haneline, Sophie Lie, and Yara Moustafa

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