District to Bring Back 7th-Grade Football in 2016-17

After being discontinued as the result of budget cuts in 2014, the 7th-grade football program will return to the district's junior highs next school year

Cody Owen, Opinion Editor

In 2014, the 7th-grade football program was cut by the district due to the budget cuts which occurred that year. Now the program has been green-lighted to make a return for the 2016-2017 school year.

“I’m glad they decided to bring it back, sports are an important part of the school experience,” Drew Owen ’20 said. “It was really frustrating for me as someone who missed out on Southeast football as a result of the cuts and had to go find an alternative.”

While many are happy to hear this, some City students have mixed feelings.

“I think kids should wait to do contact sports till they’re older,” Natalie Holmes ’17 said. “I’d rather they bring back funding for 4th-grade orchestra or the language programs that get cut. There’s already plenty of emphasis on sports in high school.”