GoFundMe Account Created to Support Martin Luna


Sheree Murphy and Theo Prineas

On March 29, Coach Dan Sabers created a GoFundMe fundraiser for Martin Luna. The goal for the fundraiser is $15,000 in total and it has raised over $11,000 so far.

Along with this fundraiser, the Spanish club has also created a t-shirt fundraiser for Luna. Each t-shirt is $10, with $5 from each t-shirt going directly to Luna and his family to pay for medical costs.  Senora Silvia and Senorita Goering have ordering forms for the t-shirts and would like the payment by Friday. file-page1

Martin Luna was diagnosed with malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor, a terminal form of cancer. Currently he is in the middle of an ongoing process of medical assistance. He has had 8 surgeries, 8 cycles of chemotherapy, and 7 weeks of radiation. His last day of school is going to be next Thursday, as announced by Senora Silva.