Fruit Sales Raise Over $40,000 for the Music Program

The band room, usually filled with music, was unusually empty Friday afternoon, and instead filled with hundreds of boxes of fruit.

“The purpose of the trip is to raise money for the music department and music department students to use for trips and lessons,” Mary Mahaffa, the music department secretary, said.

The fruit, cheese, and candy sale has been a tradition for more than 45 years. This year around 140 music students participated in the fundraiser, selling at least one item. In total, more than $40,000 was raised.

“The total varies every year. For example, there is a choir trip and a band trip this year, so there were more orders,” Mahaffa said.

It takes many student and parent volunteers to coordinate such a big event.

“I would say I must have had around 15 to 20 volunteers throughout the day Friday and probably five or so throughout the day Saturday, so there are a lot of volunteers needed to put this thing together,” Mahaffa said.

Volunteers do a variety of jobs, such as unloading and sorting fruit, setting up and tearing down the distribution area, and handing out fruit.

“I’ve been volunteering since last year because my brother and my dad do it, too.,” Maureen Fesenmeyer ‘19, a member of band, said. “I do it for silver cord hours and I purchased and sold fruit for the Disney trip, too.”

In addition to benefiting the music program, buyers also have the option to donate fruit to the Crisis Center, a non-profit organization that began accepting donations three years ago, an idea started by the Band Associates of City High (BACH parents).

“The Crisis Center was extremely grateful,” Mahaffa said. “They said they just don’t get donations of fresh produce this time of year, so they really appreciated it and we were happy to do it.”