Until the Last Beat Drops


Madeline Pugh and Zoë Miller

When the crowd watches eagerly, expecting the usual blend of jazz and swing music to erupt from the stage at the annual Winter Show, they will be confronted by the exact opposite — hip hop.

“It’s got everything from kick lines to modern hip hop kind of stuff. It’s going to show a lot of variety and be really well executed,” City Lights Director Dr. Greg Grove said.

City High’s 2016 Winter Show is set for December 17th. Abandoning the traditional set list of jazzy show tunes, choreographer LD Kidd has chosen more pop influenced songs, including a Beyonce medley consisting of three top hits: “Crazy in Love,” “Halo,” and “Love on Top.” Other numbers include: “Until the Last Beat Drops,” “Settle Down,” “Your Time Will Come,” and “Turn Tables/Favorite Records.”

“The style is more in line with what you’ll see in a lot of other groups around the state of Iowa. Perhaps you would call it a more contemporary dance style,” Dr. James Thompson, head of the choir department and Fourth Ave director, said. “I thought that it was important to keep a foothold in the tradition of Fourth Ave, so we still have classical elements in the show.  There is a progression towards a more contemporary feel with elements of hip hop.”

City Lights has a show consisting of melodies such as “Ready Set Go,” “Jet Set,” a novelty character number from the musical Catch Me if You Can, followed by the ballad “Above the Clouds,” and ending with a medley of “Flying Away” and “Higher.” Their theme for this year is “travel.”

Both City Lights and Fourth Ave will feature these elements of hip hop while still keeping in touch with the traditional swing and jazz music. The performance will feature the combo and Jazz Company as well as special acts sprinkled throughout the show.

“There are a lot of great special acts with so many amazingly talented people,” Elias Perez ‘19 said.

The performers from both City Lights and Fourth Ave have been preparing since August. This will be their first full show. All of the participants have been working hard and each member has a different reason why they are looking forward to the show.

“I’ve always watched my older siblings [in the Winter Show], and I’ve always looked up to them, and I’m excited to get to experience it myself,” Lydia McIntire ‘20, a performer in City Lights, said.

Tickets can be purchase online at IOWACITYMUSIC.SEATYOURSELF.BIZ. They are $11 for adults and $6 for students.