Teachers Welcome Back “Super Ann” With Pink Shirts


Sam Titus

Super Ann and the logo of The Little Hawk were featured on the pink shirts supporting Hanrahan.

Mina Takahashi, Reporter

To welcome City High’s Ann Hanrahan back after her absence due to her battle with breast cancer, teachers are all wearing their bright pink “Super Ann” shirts to show their support and love for the office secretary.

“Renée Tonning organized for the staff to all wear our pink Super Ann shirts as a way to support her since she’s going through such a difficult time right now in her life. I think it’s wonderful that the whole staff got together to show their support,” science teacher Mary Lestina said.

Hanrahan was very touched and emotional seeing the staff members support and welcome her back.

“I am thrilled to be back at work. I love where I work, so this is where I want to be, and the support I have here has just been overwhelming. It continues to be overwhelming seeing the staff all wearing their shirts. They’re my other family,” Hanrahan said.