City High Raise $2,600 in 3rd Annual Dance Marathon

Anna Roemerman and Corbin Nguyen

City High hosted its 3rd annual Dance Marathon on Saturday, January 21. This year, students helped raise approximately $2,600 for The Children’s Hospital while having fun with friends and dancing one’s heart out.

Dance Marathon is a lot more casual than the other dances City High hosts,” Ambassador Sasha Chapnick-Sorokin ‘17 said. “Also, the money goes to The Children’s Hospital instead of the school, so you get to have fun and raise money for an important cause at the same time.”

To make the event more inclusive, the City High Dance Marathon Committee sold tickets for $5 beforehand and $7 at the door with optional donations. Stars were also sold along with the tickets for a dollar each. The class or staff member who obtained the most stars got to participate in a drawing for a Jimmy John’s gift card. All of the money raised went towards fighting childhood cancer. To help the overall donation total, ambassadors also reached out to local restaurants for donations.

“I’ve had a lot of fun at all of the Dance Marathon’s City High has hosted,” Matthew Dodge ‘17 said. “They’re high-energy and it’s just a super fun environment all around; plus it’s for the kids.”

The University of Iowa hosted its Dance Marathon Friday, February 3rd. Traditionally, for students to participate in the UI dance, “Spirit Dancers” must raise a set amount of money before the dance. This year, the “Spirit Dancers” raised $500. After the dance concludes, all of the raised funds are pooled together at the event. The dance lasts without breaks for 24 hours. No caffeine is allowed, and people are encouraged to stay on their feet and to keep on dancing.

“Dancing and raising money for The Children’s Hospital, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the night,” Sameer Ali ‘17 said.