What “True Colors” Means to Josh Millsap


Zoë Butler

Josh Millsap ’19 performs Cindy Lauper’s “True Colors”

Mira Bohannan Kumar and Zoë Butler

At the Spring Show, the last show choir performance of the year, emotions surfaced as seniors performed for the last time. Following in this vein, Josh Millsap ‘19 choose to sing a ballad that was close to his heart.         

“[The song] means to be real with yourself,” Millsap, who sang the Cyndi Lauper hit in part to show his pride in and support of the LGBT+ community, said. “To me it means that it doesn’t matter who you are — race, sexuality — you’re important.”

Millsap wanted to tap into the emotional nature of the night with his choice in song.

“I was hoping that I would touch people in a way… Show them my true colors, I guess! People afterwards came up to me and said they were touched by the song.”

The song’s message of love and acceptance is one Millsap is hoping to see more of, but the current president worries him.

“We were achieving [some] equal rights until Obama left,” he said ruefully, “but now I don’t know where we’re going.”

Millsap will continue to express himself through music.

“In the summer, I will be playing a bunch of shows,” he said. “I may be doing Arts Fest and I’ll be trying to get into the State Fair talent show.”