Q&A With Artist Olivia Lusala

Samba Traore and Zoë Miller



LH: When did you begin creating art?

OL: I started creating art in elementary school, but I wouldn’t say that I got serious about it until this past summer.


LH: How would you describe your style?

OL: I would describe it as pretty funky. It’s colorful and the shapes are really wacky.


LH: What is your favorite medium to work with and what are the benefits of it?

OL: I’ve been using a lot of colored pencil and scraps of newspaper and magazine. I think it looks cool when you can combine two different styles together. Colored pencil are the easiest to work with in my opinion.


LH: What artists influence you?

OL: One of the first artists I really got into was Banksy (an anonymous street artist). Banksy makes a lot of political statements and tags walls throughout London and New York City. When a new [mural] pops up it’s a huge deal.


LH: Where do you draw inspiration from?

OL: I create off of the things people say or how they act. Lately I’ve been doing pieces where I chop off the half of someone’s head and then fill it with things that they say. I take inspiration from people through conversations.


LH: When you view art, what’s something that pulls your eye?

OL: Definitely color. I’m not a fan of anything too bland and I like the mix of different art styles with each other, which is why I like pop art.


LH: Why do you believe art is important?

OL: I feel that, especially in the media, the art is what draws someone in.  I also think that you can make bigger and bolder statements with art than you can with words.


LH: How do you see art fitting into your future?

OL: I would like to be a creative director of some sort, so art is going to play a huge role in that. I’d like to go to a college for art.