Little Hawks Fall to Davenport Central

Liam McComas ’19 looks to his coaches between plays, Friday night against Davenport Central. The Little Hawks lost 63-28.

Anshul Gowda, Reporter

City High and Davenport Central faced off tonight, and in the end, City took the loss with a score of 63- 28. Liam McComas 19’ (#51) and his teammates said they needed to work on the 5 keys that would allow them to better prepare themselves for the rest of the Little Hawks’ season.

“[The five keys to greatness begin with] great team pursuit and tackling, wrapping up the legs. We need to stop hurting ourselves with penalties and turnovers. We need to have great preparations in film, quiz, and practices. Special teams need to be executed perfectly. Also all ball carriers need to secure the ball in 3 to 5 yards, to be a good play.”

Although McComas has quantitative goals he and his teammates know they need to continue to work on, he was happy with the effort he gave in the game against Central.

“Overall I could’ve done better on offense, but for my defense I was giving it all I had. In offense I missed a couple of blocks, but other than that I think I played exceptionally,” McComas said.

There were many injuries during tonight’s game including Max Deprenger ‘19, who got hurt in the middle of the third quarter, but still came back into the game. In doing so, DePrenger showed Little Hawk fans and his teammates his desire to finish the game off strong.

“Max got hurt in the middle of the third quarter and then came back in and stripped the ball with one good arm, so that was very good, and that really stood out to me,” McComas said.

One of the challenges that Head Coach Dan Sabers believes his team faced tonight was coordinating all of the players on the field to do the right tasks all at the right time.

“We just have a hard time getting 11 players to do the right thing at the same time,” Coach Sabers said.

Even with the recent loss the Little Hawks are already looking into the future for their next victory. Coach Sabers hopes that the win takes place at their next away game which is against Muscatine.

“Next week we go to Muscatine and see if we can play better and get a W, and we’ll go from there.”