City High Dance Marathon Prep

Orson Codd, Reporter

Dancing brings joy to everyone, especially when it helps someone else. Dance Marathon is a student run non-profit organization that helps raise awareness for pediatric cancer patients and their families. All of the money they raise goes to help support cancer research funds and financially support families with kids who have cancer.

The University Of Iowa started their Dance Marathon over 24 years ago. Each year it gets bigger and bigger because of how many people are inspired by what the organization is doing. Iowa runs the third largest Dance Marathon in the country behind Penn State and Indiana.

Four years ago, City High decided to create its own “Dance Marathon Mini” that would also raise money to donate to the UIDM.

City’s High’s Dance Marathon club is in the early stages of planning their annual dance which will be on January 20th, 2018. The theme of the dance is neon. The club also made shirts with an original logo that will be sold to students at City HIgh and others in the community.

City’s Dance Marathon is doing great things this year and I’m unbelievably proud to be a part of it.” said Stella Lindman ‘18. “We are beginning to reach out to the community for events and donations and it’s really an exciting time for the organization. The community is definitely going to hear about City High’s Dance Marathon.

The club just had its first fundraiser event; a Halloween party. The event was held by Orson Codd ‘18 and his family. Students from City High’s DM, Regina’s DM and UIDM students all showed up and bonded together over Halloween activities.

More information about Dance marathon can be found at