Annual Iowa Thespian Festival

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Annual Iowa Thespian Festival

Lindy Rublaitus, Reporter

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The stage has been set, the actors are ready, and high schools from around Iowa are ready to immerse themselves into the world of theater for the weekend. Two days of shows, workshops, and performances gave students an escape during the annual Iowa Thespian Festival at the University of Northern Iowa on November 10th and 11th.

“It was pretty fun,” Isaac Elzinga ‘18 said. “I got to know my cast and crew members a lot better. I got to talk to them a lot more than I think I would have otherwise.”

This year, a select group of students along with Mr. Peters and Mr. Lestina attended productions of Peter and the Starcatcher, A Piece of My Heart, Next to Normal, and Almost, Maine. Last year, City high showed their production of To Kill a Mockingbird at the festival, but this year they were able to enjoy every show and had full range of the campus for individual events as well as an open mic. Interactive workshops provided students with insight on acting, play readings, and improve, all the way to talking with professional technical theater crew and creating puppets.

“We got to see five shows and lots of smaller performances while also seeing individual acts and participating in workshops,” Claire Green ‘19 said, “I enjoyed seeing all of the productions and being able to immerse myself in theatre for a couple days.”

Ten thespians, students who have been involved in three or more City High theater productions, got to celebrate their art with schools across the state on this years trip. These students apply at the end of every school year to become part of the City High Thespian Troupe as well as to become part of the Student Drama Board. These students serve as role models to the rest of their theater communities and provide an educated view on all elements of performing arts.

Even though the group is small, it is a tight-knit community of students that Green believes can make a difference.

“[Being a thespian] means that I’ve been chosen to help the new people in theatre learn about it and opportunities to explore theatre,” said Green.