Eye-rolling over Rollipop

Eric Thomas and Robert Strang

Like paint strokes, the employees of Rollipop roll slices of ice cream into perfect little logs filled with chopped fruits, s’mores, candies, and more. Customers are treated by watching the employees create their trendy dessert.

Using an operation that can only be described as a combination of a Hu-Hot grill and a crepe maker, thin cream is poured on the mashed up ingredients. Then, like an omelette, the rollers scrape the mix around the cold plate till it freezes. To finish the creation, the rollers use their ice-cream utensil, resembling a paint scraper, to roll the cream into little cylinders of goodness. After the ice cream has been rolled, it is taken over to the toppings station where one gets to pick 3 toppings. The end result is a visual spectacle of a dessert, that simply must be put up on social media.

However, this is where the magic ends. While the treat looks visually appealing, all of that is lost when it comes to taste. The ice cream dessert is possessed of simply too much cream. Although the bits of fruit or chocolate leave you craving for more, the need never seems quite fulfilled even with the abundance of ice cream given to you.

While the taste description may sound a bit harsh, this is totally needed. With a $6.50 price tag, the ice cream better be good. If the dessert contained a bit more substance for a lesser price, this would be the place to go. Maybe a new flavor every month would continue to draw in crowds.