Student Senate Recap: Prom Prep Pep & Candidate Contract Confirmation


Student Senate Advisor Steve Tygrett discusses Senate budget. The Senate will not be giving out grant funds this year.

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Copy & Opinion Editor

The Student Senate meeting on Wednesday, April 4 began with the presentation to the Senate of contracts to run for Senate president and vice president. The race will officially begin on April 23rd, and the contracts are not due until April 20th.

“Nothing hung up until April 23rd, the election [period] basically goes for three weeks, then the election is May 11,” Senate sponsor Steve Tygrett said. “It will probably be during Advisory and go into sixth period.”

Tygrett discussed Senate budget with the assembly and the necessary starting purse to fund Homecoming 2018.

“We started out at $3000. I added up everything we spent on Homecoming. We spent $2700 on Homecoming,” Tygrett said. “We need to start out at $3000 [next year]…just to be safe.”

The Senate also rehashed cost of the Senior Picnic, and mentioned that there will be no grant funds this school year, a break from Senate tradition.

“We’re not flush with money anymore,” Tygrett said. “We’re fine, and we’re fiscally secure, but there just won’t be any grant funds this year.”

Chip Hardesty entered the conversation to propose solutions to the issues with the Senior Picnic.

“I think I have a slight vendetta against [usual food provider] Hy-Vee,” Hardesty said. “I would go to Pancheros and say, ‘What can you provide a buffet for?'”

The Senate meets every Wednesday morning in room 3311 at 8:15 am. To learn more, contact Steve Tygrett, the primary faculty advisor, or attend meetings, which are open to all students.