Annual Trivia Night Returns


Lindy Rublaitus, Reporter

The room hummed with excitement as students and families entered the cafeteria ready to show off their knowledge. Snacks and drinks were  passed out, and then a disembodied voice broadcasted through a speaker signaled the beginning of the competition. On Saturday, April 7th, City High Band held their annual trivia night to raise funds for the band department.

“It had a better showing than last year and we raised somewhere around $700 dollars so I’d say it went very well,” said Quinn Kopelman ‘19.

All the entry fees go to the band department which helps them to purchase new equipment and music each year. This fundraiser joins teams together as they try to name famous women, match songs to movies, and think of which Shakespeare pieces included ghosts in them.

“Many questions were answered, many more sodas were demolished,” said Kopelman, whose team built a pyramid of soda cans through the two hour event.

The annual fundraiser has been attracting families and students from all parts of City to join forces and defeat other teams for prizes. Even though the event was created by the band department and the Band Associates of City High (BACH), the cafeteria was filled with students who are not  part of band, creating a fun night for all.

“I heard about it from my mom because my brother is in band, it seemed like a fun activity to do with people and it was a plus that it was supporting the band program,” said Veronica Abreu ’19. “The night went really well. My team did pretty poorly but we had a blast and everyone was laughing and participating.”