Hawkeyes Storm Bates Field

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Hawkeyes Storm Bates Field

Lindy Rublaitus, A&E Editor

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After weeks of marching in 90 degree weather, the City High band shared the field with the Hawkeye Marching Band (HMB) to perform the Hawkeye on September 7th. With hopes in bringing in a collegiate marching band to perform with the Little Hawks, Dr. McReynolds connected with the HMB Director, Dr. Eric Bush, to plan a “Little Cy-Hawk” performance, making the idea a reality.

The City High marching band started off the festivities with their pregame routine and then the 8th grade band from South East, under the direction of their new band director, Mike Kowbel, joined the City High marching band on the field for the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner,” Mr. Ottmar, City High’s assistant band director, said. “During halftime, the HMB played a part of their pregame routine in addition to part of a halftime show that they are working on.”

Directors hoped the opportunity to see marching band at a collegiate level would inspire the students to continue the activity after high school.  The Hawkeye performance was to show how far students can go beyond the high school level.

“I grew up a Hawkeye fan and loved watching the HMB, graduated from City High, and now I’m teaching at City High with an opportunity to see the HMB perform with the City High marching band of which I’m honored to be a part of again. However, what I’m excited for more than anything else is for my students to have this unique and special experience that they will remember for the rest of their life,” said Ottmar.

“I loved getting to see such a well polished and dynamic force take to our field. I hope that our band will be able to look to their example and be able to improve our sound and marching technique.””

— Quinn Kopelman '19

Katherine Introna ‘20 and Quinn Kopelman ‘19 are drum majors for the city marching band and have a special connection to the band. During their training to earn their positions in the band, they were able to work with the Iowa drum major, Analisa Iole. LIole is the first female drum major for the University of Iowa who the drum majors call their role model.

“The first time I spoke to her, she complimented me on my Iowa Hawkeye shirt I was wearing and that’s how I discovered who she was,” said Introna. “It was then Quinn who brought up that we would see her again during the marching season on our field.”

Iole and the HMB performed their classic set of Hawkeye fight songs and their pre game show. A piece of their halftime show was performed as well with the theme of 20th Century Fox. The overwhelming sounds of brass and the drum line played songs from The Greatest Showman and The Incredibles.

Finishing off the night for all the bands, Aidan Smith ‘19 led both the City High and UI drumline in the Iowa Cadence for the student section. Smith and the rest of the drum line had practiced for over a month on the song they collaborated on, only to play it for the one performance.

“It was super cool be able to play with such a quality drumline and it was definitely our best performance,” said Smith. “To be told by a city high graduate, who was in my position three years ago, that I could start a massive drumline off was more or less crazy.”

“I loved getting to see such a well polished and dynamic force take to our field,” said Kopelman. “I hope that our band will be able to look to their example and be able to improve our sound and marching technique.”