Student Senate Recap: Priorities Set for Fall


Olivia Lusala

Invested in the workings of City High’s very own bureaucracy? You’ve come to the right place.

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Web & Copy Editor

The Student Senate meeting on Wednesday, October 17 began without faculty adviser Steve Tygrett. “The world doesn’t wait for Tygrett,” Judith Dickson, faculty adviser, said in an indication to begin the meeting.

“The first order of business is that the…Food Drive is coming around,” Naomi Meurice ’19, vice president, said. “They want cans of food and everything like that at the Crisis Center, but money is much more valuable to them, because they can spend money in a much better way than we can. We’re looking to form a committee and then in that committee, get ideas going.”

Hall monitor Chip Hardesty chipped in to offer his two cents on the value of money to the Crisis Center.

“Every dollar to them means four dollars spent by us because they can buy more for their money than we can,” Hardesty said.

The Senate is also looking ahead to the winter formal, which will take place on December 8.

“The winter dance is also coming up,” President Lottie Gidal ’19 said. “People should form a committee for that as well.”

Meurice and Gidal brought up inquiries on Senate T-shirt sales.

“People have been asking me about the blue Senate shirts,” Meurice said. “We also have some older ‘The School That Feeds’ shirts.”

Treasurer Rachael Volkman ’19 presented an analysis of Senate funds after and profits from Homecoming weekend. The Senate threw out ideas for raising funds. Faculty sponsors mentioned selling tickets to the winter formal for seven dollars as opposed to five dollars, and using the same decorations each year.

“We won’t have as many people at the winter dance,” Dickson said. “I think your winter dance theme needs to be the same every year.”

Dickson’s biggest concern was safety.

“When we had 11oo people jumping straight up and down at Homecoming, and six adults in the room, that’s not a safe environment,” Dickson said. “You need to recruit teachers. We’re paying them 20 dollars a shift.”

The Senate discussed whether it is better to use Flexisched or to go back to using paper passes.

“Advisory teachers can look at where students are scheduled to go,” Xeniphilius Tyne ’20 said. “They can say, ‘I can see where you’re scheduled.'”

Teacher responsibility was a common theme.

“I was told to bring in everyone with a D and an F,” Dickson said. “I do.”

The Senate took a vote on Flexisched vs. paper passes, and the vote came out in favor of Flexisched. The Senate made recommendations to have teachers enforce Flexisched use more and to remind students of their prior commitments during Advisory time.

Hardesty brought up the award given to the best elementary school float in the Homecoming parade, and the date of the Homecoming dance.

The Student Senate meets every Wednesday from 8:15-8:45 in room 3311. To learn more, please attend meetings, which are open to all students, or contact Steve Tygrett, the primary faculty adviser.